How to know if you need a Check-In system


How to know if you need a Check-In system


One of the concerns we come across often with our prospective customers is the question, “Are we big enough for a check-in system?”. An understandable issue considering a financial investment will be required regardless the system your organization chooses, and our desire to be good stewards of our resources. However, we have identified two questions to consider when determining if your organization needs a check-in system.

1. Does your church/organization have children that attend?

2. Are you hoping to grow the church by attracting young families?

If you answered no to both of these questions you can stop reading here, you do not need a check-in system. However, if you answered yes to either, I would encourage you to continue, your organization needs a check-in system.

Check-in systems offer a wide variety of reports and features allowing your church to operate its Children’s ministry more efficiently and effectively, but most importantly they offer an added level of security, a barrier to protect the church’s most vulnerable, and valuable, resource, your kids.

Today’s check-in systems not only limit who and how kids are picked-up after service, creating a safer environment, most also provide communication capabilities with parents/guardians, and the ability to identify allergies, or special needs, to prevent potentially life-threatening situations.

In regards to attracting families to your church, George Barna (Barna Research Group) states:

“…the safety and well-being of their children is one of the most important attractions to parents who visit a church. If the ministry does not impress the parents with its commitment to the security and care of their child, the parents are UNLIKELY TO RETURN.”

We recently spoke to a customer whose pastor was on staff at a church where a father, who did not have custody, “picked-up” the child…its been a year since the mom last saw her child. Check-in systems create a hedge of protection, and are a deterrent for individuals planning such actions. What we need to realize is churches are becoming a major target, especially smaller churches, due to relaxed security demands.

Children are our most valuable resource. Implementing a check-in system will help you establish additional security buffers and provide the families currently attending your church, and those who will visit in the future, an environment they feel safe in. If you answered “yes” to either of the two questions above I strongly urge you to investigate the various check-in systems available to find one that will fit your organization.