God's "Dancing Rainbows"


God's "Dancing Rainbows"


Growing up, we often went to my grandparent’s house, and I can specifically remember being amazed by the rainbows that appeared and seemed to dance on their wall. At the time I didn’t know that when the sunlight hit the prisms on their lamp shade the light was refracted creating the “dancing rainbows” I thought were so cool.

Recently I was looking through some old notes and I came across one particular page referring to 1Cor. 13 and all the facets of what love is. As I was reviewing the notes, I realized that we, as Christians, were created to be God’s prisms.

We see in the Bible that Jesus (The Word) is the “light of the world”, and just as when the sunlight would enter the prisms on the lamp shade and refract creating the rainbows, when His light, His Word, and His love penetrate our lives the refraction creates a rainbow for the entire world to see. Except the world doesn’t see colors, instead it sees Patience; Kindness; Generosity; Humility; Selflessness; Sincerity; and a Peace that passes all understanding. In other words, the world sees Him.

The best part, we don’t even have to work ourselves to the bone for it to happen, we just have to let the light do what it does, and be willing to be God’s “dancing rainbows”.