The safety and security of your organization’s children is more important than ever. Lambslist provides you a safe, easy-to-use solution to track and protect those attending activities at your organization.

Lambslist is web based, and is both Mac and PC compatible. Lambslist runs through your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, & Chrome on XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8, & 10, Safari & Firefox on all Mac OS). You can download our Full System Compatibility Guide (PDF) for details.

Lambslist uses 128 bit encryption and is SSL Certified by Namecheap.com. Lambslist is hosted by EngineYard, a leading web hosting solution provider.

We offer the Dymo Child and Parent labels for under the "Products" section of lambslist.com.  However, we do not sell Dymo LabelWriter printers.  Please know, printers, labels, and computers are not included with the Free 30-Day Trial.  We recommend purchasing your Dymo LabelWriter printer from an Office Supply Store or Amazon.com.  

Lambslist is an UNLIMITED system, allowing you to have as many check-in stations, services, rooms, users, and attendees as you need, WITHOUT increasing the cost of your subscription. Click for Pricing.

No, the price is $49 per month or $500 per year per church regardless of how many check in stations you have or how many children you check in.

Yes, Lambslist now sells scanners and barcode key tags. To review or place an order for these items, click here.

No problem, you can still use Lambslist without a scanner. We simply make that option available to accommodate our churches who are already using scanners, or are looking for a way to speed up the check-in process.

You access Lambslist through your browser, which means upgrades to our software are free and automatic. Being web-based also gives you multiple connected stations and allows you to log-in to your check-in system from home or other locations with Internet access, including Smart phones and tablets, so you can access data and communicate with attendees and volunteers from almost anywhere.