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About Lambslist

How We Got Started

Microframe, provider of Lambslist, was established in 1986 during a church service, when our founder saw a need for Children’s ministries to be able to discretely contact parents, if necessary, instead of having to interrupt a service. Over the past 30 plus years Microframe’s dedication to meet this need has led to recognition as the industry leader in Visual-Pager Systems, while offering churches additional solutions such as Vibrating-Pager Systems, Countdown Clocks/Timers, Hymn Boards, and Security Paging.

Our attention to quality products and excellent customer service eventually provided opportunities to serve more than 7 major markets, including restaurants, pharmacies, government offices, large industrial scale and mining companies, churches, and hospitals. The continued growth and expansion of products and new markets has not lessened Microframe's integrity, personal touch with customers, and vision to create well-designed displays.


Returning to our origins, several years ago we recognized the need for an affordable, simple, and secure check-in system allowing churches to provide a safe environment for the families attending, and offer features designed to help them operate the ministry more efficiently and effectively. Keeping those three pillars in mind Lambslist was born, and continues to evolve into the most complete and affordable check-in system in the industry.

We invite you to check out our 30-day FREE trial, and see why customers spanned across the globe are flocking to Lambslist. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.